Information Technology in Health Care : Telemedicine.

Your Health

Dr. Soumyadeep Bhaumik,

Resident Editor,

 Your Health, Kolkata

The divide between India and Bharat is perhaps no where more significant than in the healthcare sector. While there is an over-concentration of doctors, skilled medical workers and health care facilities in the city, the picture in rural areas is gloomy. It is an open secret that the government has miserably failed in giving a boost to the rural health care facilities. Leave alone tertiary care in most states even primary care is lacking and secondary care almost non-existent.

Some of the major lacking aspects are :

1. Inadequate infrastructure in rural/district hospitals.

2.Large number of indoor/outdoor patients require referral for specialized care

3.Inappropriately developed referral system where patients themselves have to arrange for transport mostly and the transport infrastructure , abysmal and  costly.

3. Low-availability of Health Experts in district/remote hospitals (if at all ). About 75 % of the…

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