We Grew from Strength to Strength : HIFA2015 Annual Review 2011

HIFA2015 the global NGO from UK which has been launched in October 2006 at the AHILA Congress (Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa) in Kenya has published its Annual Review of 2011 last week.

2011 has been quite successful for HIFA in terms of it establishing itself as a global player in the access to healthcare information arena.

In May 2011 it held its first conference, hosted by the British Medical Association which saw keynote lectures being delivered by Dr Najeeb Al-Shorbaji (Director of Knowledge Management and Sharing, WHO, Geneva) and Dr Joseph Ana (Calabar Hospital, Nigeria) . At the conference HIFA also  launched their fifth forum, HIFA-Zambia, in collaboration with the Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance, co-chaired by Lord Nigel Crisp, former Chief Executive of the NHS.HIFA-Zambia is the  first country-level forum of the HIFA.

From January to September 2011, HIFA2015  also underwent a major external evaluation, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation which concluded: “HIFA2015 achieves an extraordinary level of activity on minimal resources from which many people around the world benefit”.

The 2011 Annual Review also reports that ” During 2011, HIFA grew from strength to strength. By the end of 2011 we had more than 7000 members across the five forums (this has since increased to more than 10,000 members ).”

The entire report of HIFA2015 is available here.

Conflict of Interest : Dr. Soumyadeep B is Country Representative , India for HIFA2015


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