Disruptive Innovation in Peer Review by the Indian Journal of Medical Informatics


With an innovative move to have open peer review of submissions to the IJMI on the G+ community (closed and available only to the members of the group, who are invited by the Moderator/Editor of the Group), they have broken new ground. Now open peer review is nothing new. The BMJ has, amongst many other journals, been clamoring for this to be the standard practice in scholarly publication. Now while in a broad field like Public Health or General Medicine or Medical Education it might not be a problem, in many niche research areas, where everyone knows one another, it might be a bit of an issue. But anyway, the demerits of open peer review is not the issue for today… maybe later.

The Indian Journal of Medical Informatics is presently edited by Dr. Arindam Basu (better known as Dr. Arin Basu to us web-crawlers), and is the flagship publication…

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